Deck Colors

dark gray deck

Are you looking into transforming your backyard? A backyard deck is a functional social space for your backyard and is a focal point for your outdoor living space. Or maybe you already have a backyard deck that is faded or dedicated. If your deck is not shot, you can restain your deck with new deck colors to transform your space. Let’s get started with some color-choosing tips!

Consider Your Home Colors

Your deck colors can either match your home colors or contrast. Utilizing furniture and railings that match your home will make a contrasting deck add character to your home. For a small deck, a contrasting color will make your outdoor seating area stand out.

Your deck colors should match or complement your house colors for a larger deck. You can repeat door colors to link your deck and home styles. Alternatively, using neutral colors on a large deck will help accent your home’s exterior and backyard. Remember that darker browns and tans will help hide dirt on your deck and make plants stand out more. Lastly, the wood stain will fade over the years. Wooden deck colors will naturally fade toward gray in a few years. Using neutral gray paint will mitigate your deck stain fading.

backyard deck

Pick Three Colors

For a good deck and home color scheme, pick three colors. You need a dominant, secondary, and accent color. Use your dominant and secondary colors for the main sections of the deck. You can use the same dominant and secondary colors of your home for your deck or use the rules of the color wheel to find a color combination. Once you have the dominant and secondary colors picked, use the rules of the color wheel to find your accent color. Use this color on furniture, pillows, planters, stair risers, and other accessories to make your deck colors pop.

color wheel

Keep Your Decking Material in Mind

Your deck material will determine the color options available to you. Wood and wood composite decks can be stained; however, we do not recommend staining composite wood decks. It is impossible to stain or paint vinyl decking. Vinyl and wood composite decking companies offer a broad palette of deck colors, so you don’t need to worry about your deck color options.

dark gray deck

Let Nature Accentuate Your Deck

Not all deck colors will mesh with the surrounding environment. For a green backyard, use a natural deck color palette and darker grays, blues, or whites for a city setting. Avoid Oak, Mahogany, and medium brown tones for modern city settings since they clash. If you have, existing hardscaping and flowerbeds, use the color wheel to find deck colors that accentuate the existing landscaping.

sandstone color deck

Test Colors Options Before Your Decision

Suppose you plan to install, restain, or redo your outdoor living space. In that case, you want to avoid second-guessing yourself after the job is done. If you are staining your existing deck, purchase a small quantity of stain and use it in one area. View it from several angles to ensure your color choice looks correct.

Suppose you are installing a new deck or redoing an old decayed deck with vinyl or composite decking. In that case, you can view the colors on their website. For example, we carry Tru North vinyl decking, and you can see their entire color collection on their website. Also, your deck contractor should have color swatches or sample products so you can see what it looks like. For example, we visit each of our customer’s homes and show all the color options available so they can make the most informed decision possible. If you also would like a deck quote, fill out our consultation request!

light deck colors

5 Awesome Color Combinations

So you have your colors picked out. How do you use them to accentuate your deck? Here are some neat deck designs you can use for deck color inspiration!


Sandstone is the name used by Clubhouse decking, but you can find a similar color with other brands. Sandstone is a light tan color that makes your deck light and airy. The lighter colors bring your focus to the surrounding nature, in this case, the woods in Northumberland, PA. The black railing from Keylink adds a nice contrast and pulls the deck design together. Read more about this deck rebuild in Northumberland.

sandstone color deck


Ironwood is a dark gray color in the Clubhouse Vinyl hardwood deck color collection. Here, our customer chooses a dark gray, Ironwood style decking that contrasts with the tan siding of the home. They paired this decking color with a tan vinyl railing that matched the house siding. Accented with black railing balusters and you have a beautiful contrast.

tan deck railings


Walnut is a deep brown color with slight dark to light color variations in the grain. Use neutral grays and blues to accentuate the dark color. Add some bright-colored flowers for a pop of color, and you have a pleasant shaded area! Here is walnut decking featuring a modern aluminum railing and pavilion.

walnut decking


Mahogany is a deep rich brown color. Mahogany goes well with a sleek, modern railing and quickly hides dirt and footprints on the deck. This particular deck uses bright reds and tans to create a nice contrast. The aluminum railing lighting will add a subtle and even evening light. Accent with white planters, and you have a beautiful deck!

mahogany decking


Here is a stunning floating deck made with Brookstone decking from Clubhouse! Brookstone is a light gray stone color. Here, darker boards are used to picture frame the deck, giving it a visual boundary. Dark-colored tables and sofas created a stark contrast, with red highlights finishing the look. Add rugs and flowers, and you have a sleek modern deck!

brookstone decking

Other Ways to Optimize Deck Colors

Picture Framing and Stair Risers

Do you know what picture framing is on a deck? Picture framing is when you run a board diagonal to the rest of the decking at the edge of the deck. You can use the same color decking or your secondary color to add a nice border. Also, use your secondary color on the stair risers and deck fascia. Here you can see picture framing on a deck we installed in PA!

brown and dark gray deck colors

Deck Lighting

For evening deck use, you will need lighting. You can opt for practical, standard lighting or lighting that accentuates your deck. For example, discreet lighting or railing will create a diffused light for a subtle look. Lighting a large deck can be challenging if you are trying to avoid harsh highlights. Utilizing discreet lighting will create a soft, uniform glow. Lastly, integrated deck lighting can highlight a focal point or a specific color. We use Placid Point Lighting for our integrated deck lighting installations.

deck lighting

Pergola or Pavilion

A pergola or a pavilion will give you weather protection and a great way to tie your deck and home together. You can match white or black railings with a vinyl or wooden pergola to blend with your decking colors. You can add siding to your pergola to match your home design and color pillars. Pergola or pavilion will give you function and design benefits.

white pergola

Match With Deck Furniture

Deck furniture is vitally essential for your backyard living space design. If you have a dark deck that contrasts your home, use matching furniture to combine your deck and home design. Alternatively, you can use a dark deck design to make brightly colored furniture and planters pop. Utilize pillows and other design elements to make your deck design stand out.


Final Thoughts

A deck can be the same color as the house, but it does not need to be. Ideally, your home should have a few timber or color elements than make the deck look like it belongs. These elements could be exposed beams, a wooden porch, or a balcony. However, the surrounding area is the most significant factor when browsing deck colors. Instead of matching your house, you can use the same colors as your door frame or a similar color to your home exterior. Deck colors are your choice, and you decide what looks best at your home. If you live in Central PA and want help with your deck colors, request a quote and we will assist you!

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