Aluminum and Vinyl Railings

Aluminum or vinyl railings help to contain and protect what is on the surface. Whether for a deck, stairs, or anything else, help prevent falls and slips with vinyl and aluminum deck railing. Read out more about these two types of railings and find out the best one for you! Check out our project gallery to see the latest railings we installed or visit our outdoor living space ideas page for more inspiration!

vinyl railings

Vinyl Railings

If you like the look of the vinyl railings for your property, we can supply the best for you! These UV-resistant railings will keep their color and durability over the years. Given the material, vinyl railings are resistant to fire, stand up to weather, and are easy to maintain.

aluminum railing

Aluminum Railing

With some of the best aesthetics of any railing, aluminum deck railing is a trendy choice. Contrary to belief, aluminum deck railing is resistant to rust and corrosion. These non-warping railings also withstand harsh weather conditions while boasting low maintenance. Simply washing them once a year could be all you need to keep them around for the long haul!

cable raling

Cable Railing

The modern style cable railing brings to your home is one of the reasons it is one of the most sought-after railings on the market. Cable railing uses marine grade stainless steel and aluminum posts resulting in a modern railing with a long lifespan. Choose from a wide variety of aluminum balusters and a vertical or horizontal cable infill layout for a truly custom look. The cable infill makes cable railing our most transparent railing option.

Why Install Aluminum or Vinyl Railing?


Allow your kids to play on your deck safely. Whether toys, tents, small pools, or play car, your kids will be protected by your new deck railings.


The last thing you want is for your dog to be so excited to go outside that she falls off the deck or goes flying into your yard without you. Give your animals the structure of a safe and open area to start their outdoor adventures. 


Having quality railings on your stairs and deck make it easy to bring out food to eat. Carrying heavy dishes without any guidance can be challenging. Luckily a vinyl railing can help. You can also utilize the railings to be the backside of a serving table!

Why Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products?


We founded Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products in 2006 based on our traditional values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. Our years of experience give you confidence in our products and the quality of our craft. Contact us today, and we will happily assist you with your outdoor living dreams!


Vinyl railings are up to 5 times stronger than wood, and aluminum deck railing can combat whatever mother nature throws their way. These durable railings will keep you safe and sound for years.  


You wouldn’t want to protect your family with cheap railings! Vinyl and aluminum deck railing doesn’t have sharp corners and small breaking pieces. Run your hand along these railings without fear of anything sharp!


We want you to have what you need in the timeliest manner. Vinyl and aluminum deck railing is easily installed, requiring fewer install days than a traditional wooded railing.

Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products specializes in wood composite and vinyl decks.

Not sure what you want? We will assist you with the design process and answer any questions you have! Submit a custom quote or contact us today!