11 Outdoor Living Space Ideas For Your Backyard

There is so much more to outdoor living spaces than a standard patio or deck. Maybe you already have a deck or you are looking for ways to decorate your current space. Either way, here are some of our outdoor living space ideas to help kickstart your design. Enjoy!


Design your deck to fit your needs! A backyard deck is versatile for relaxing and soaking up the great outdoors! There is a deck design for you, whether you want a backyard barbeque, beverage bar, privacy, reading nook, poolside platform, or something else! Here are our outdoor living space ideas for your deck build!

Vinyl Decks

Imagine grilling your favorite food on your backyard deck. Do you want a deck that only lasts a few years? Of course not! A vinyl deck is the most durable deck option on the market! Vinyl deck materials are eco-friendly, low maintenance, and recyclable! Vinyl deck materials require less maintenance and come in various colors and styles. Add deck lighting, and you will spend all evening enjoying time with your family!

Wood Composite Decks

Do you want to create a natural wood look without bugs, rotting, and splintering? A wood composite deck will be the perfect complement to your home! Planters with colorful flower arrangements create the deck oasis that you need! Add chairs and a table to enjoy meals or just a cup of coffee.

Deck Pavilion

Not all entertainment goes according to schedule. Have you ever looked longingly at the outdoors during a rainstorm? Or maybe the sun is scorching down on your house. You know sitting outside will result in a painful sunburn. You are not alone! Thankfully there is an answer! You will be protected from the elements while still being out with a deck pavilion! A deck pavilion is the perfect addition to your outdoor barbeque!

Deck Pergola

Do you love plants and want shade? A deck pergola is the perfect plant trellis while providing shade! Grow your favorite vines and enjoy the results! Add planters and flowers to your deck to complete your plant sanctuary!


No one wants to take their child to the hospital. A railing can be the barrier between you and heartbreak! But why choose a basic railing when you could create an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home? A railing should be a consideration when mulling your outdoor living space ideas! Here are two railing ideas!

Deck Railing

If your deck is elevated, you should install a railing. With many styles of railings available, you can choose the railing that accentuates your deck! It is safer, and depending on where you live, it may be part of the building code! 

Porch Railing

Porch railings are a crucial component of your outdoor living space design. They provide a practical safety feature and can be a fundamental part of your home’s aesthetic! Porch railings are generally required for porches over 30 inches high. Even if your porch is less than 30 inches tall, a porch railing will act to establish a lawn and home boundary. Only install a porch railing strong enough to withstand the weight of several people leaning on it at once.


A pergola may be the solution if you have any outdoor living space ideas but are concerned about the sun! A pergola extends your outdoor living space and can cast light shad to make a warm summer day tolerable! Add lights, ceiling fans, speakers, and more to create the neighborhood hangout! Here are ways to add pergolas to your outdoor living space ideas!

Yard Pergola

Do you have a decorative garden? Or maybe you have a small patio in the middle of your backyard? A pergola will create the haven you need for your social tea parties! Customize with chic furniture, string lights, and plants for the ultimate outdoor team spot!

Porch Pergola

A porch pergola will add an aesthetically pleasing and defined space for your outdoor entertainment, dining, and other activities. A porch pergola offers protection and shade to your deck at a lower cost than a pavilion! Add climbing plants and latticework for an aesthetically pleasing and private outdoor space!


An essential element of outdoor living space ideas is fencing. A backyard fence gives your property definition, security, and security. For aesthetically pleasing privacy and security, install either aluminum or vinyl fencing. If aesthetics is not your primary concern, a chainlink fence will do fine. Here are some things to kick-start your fence designs for your outdoor living space ideas! Here are three ways to utilize a fence.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence provides clear property boundaries and increases privacy. A high-quality fence will act as a windbreak and enhance your home’s curb appeal! With the advent of vinyl fencing, privacy fencing has never been more customizable!

Security Fence

If you have pets or children, a fence makes them less likely to end up on the street or in your neighbor’s yard! It will also deter your neighbor’s pets from entering your yard. Good security will hide your possessions from the prying eyes of home intruders. Add secure gates to complete the home security fence.

Pool Fence

No one wants a child or pet to fall in their pool while they aren’t around to supervise. What if you could remove that fear from your mind? You can! You can protect your pool from unassuming toddlers and pets with a pool fence! Our wide range of fencing means you will find a fencing solution that fits the rest of your outdoor living space ideas!

Get Started in Your Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Don’t know where to start on your outdoor living space design? First, use your imagination, but don’t get hung up on small details. Also, make sure you expand your horizons. Don’t design your deck precisely like your last home or deck install! Here are a few points to consider.

Foot Traffic

Where will people be walking in your outdoor living space? Design the layout of any structures, furniture, and any other decorations that do not interfere with the normal flow of traffic. For raised decks, implement stairs and railings to help guide people where they need to go.

Decking Choices

Choosing a decking material can be a daunting task! That is where we can assist you! With our years of experience with decking materials and products, we can assist you with your decision process. Reach out to us, and we will help you bring your outdoor living space ideas to fruition!

Shape and Size

Generally, deck builders advise building a deck no larger than 20 percent of the house’s square footage. This rule of thumb prevents the deck from visually overwhelming the house. Also, your deck will be subject to local building codes and possible HOA standards. Next, consider how many people you will entertain on your deck. For 4-6 people, 144 square feet will suffice. For larger groups like 10-12 people, you will need 288 square feet or more. Keep these ideas in mind when designing your deck.

Consider the View

Keep the view in mind when designing your deck, fence, or railing. A large railing or fence will obstruct any scenery you wish to view. Install an aluminum fence or cable railing for a more transparent solution.

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Ideas a Reality!

Are you ready to make your outdoor living space ideas a reality? Some of you reading this may already be on the way to creating your dreams! Upper Dauphin Vinyl Product has an easy three-step process!


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