Sinking Deck Replacement

The Matthews reached out to UDVP back in July 2022 and wanted some help with a sinking deck replacement. Their current deck was rotting away, and posts were sinking into the ground to the point that their deck was so far off-level and decayed that it was unsafe to spend time on it. UDVP helped design a slightly bigger deck for them using all low-maintenance materials and all new framing, posts, and beams. Using the titanium-infused footer pads, UDVP constructed the new 6×6 posts to the satisfaction of the Matthews with confidence that their new deck will not sink into the ground as the original deck did.

The Matthews wanted a simple, clean deck to enjoy as a gateway to their pool and a sitting area. UDVP supplied their wish list, and they love their new deck.

Features of this deck are as follows,

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Before Sinking Deck Replacement

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