Vinyl Decks In Elysburg PA

Are you looking for vinyl decks in Elysburg or vinyl deck railing? We’re a fully licensed and insured builder of vinyl decks in Elysburg with more than 15 years of experience! We’re excited to help you realize your outdoor living dreams!

Experienced Deck Builders in Elysburg, PA.

Do you enjoy hanging out with family and friends? Many locals in Elysburg have turned to us to create their perfect outdoor spaces! We think it’s important for you to know exactly how your investment is being used. Let’s meet up to talk about your choices and the top materials for your vinyl deck in Elysburg! If you have any specific needs or questions, just chat with our team, and we’ll make sure to include them in your plan!

Vinyl Deck Builders Elysburg

Our vinyl decks in Elysburg are built to last, making them ideal for creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Why?

  • Vinyl decks don’t splinter, warp, or fade.
  • These vinyl decks are low-maintenance and available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Vinyl decking offers more customization options than wood.
  • Vinyl decks in are more durable than wood decks.

Whether you need an old deck replaced or a new deck built, a vinyl deck is what you need. Add railings and your deck will be the envy of Elysburg! If you are looking for a vinyl deck builder, we would love to help!

Composite Wood Deck Builders Elysburg

You deserve a top-notch deck that’s built to last! Our composite decking materials meet that need perfectly. Are you in search of an eco-friendly deck? Wood composite decking is the solution for you! Available in a diverse range of colors, pick your favorite and get ready for a low-upkeep vinyl deck in Elysburg that promises years of cherished moments!

Custom Deck Builders Elysburg

Why settle for a basic deck that doesn’t serve any purpose? At Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products, we specialize in crafting custom vinyl decks in Elysburg and nearby areas. We collaborate closely with each client to envision their ideal outdoor living space. We then explore all available materials, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each, to determine the best choice for your unique deck. After finalizing a design, we start the construction of your personalized deck. Interested in viewing examples of our finished vinyl decks? Visit our photo gallery! If you’re in search of a specialized deck builder in Elysburg, look no further than Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products!

Decking Replacement Elysburg

Are your deck boards deteriorating and breaking down? Frequently, weather and usage make deck boards and railings hazardous, yet the deck’s frame and posts may still be perfectly solid. If this describes your deck, you may just need to switch out the decking and railing! Over time, we’ve renovated numerous vinyl decks in Elysburg that had a sturdy frame and posts. When evaluating whether your deck needs only the decking replaced, here’s what we examine.

  1. Are the frame and posts in good condition?
  2. Are the posts 6 x 6 posts?
  3. Are the joists 16 inches on the center?

If your current deck meets these criteria, we can reconstruct your deck using your existing deck frame!

Deck Rebuild Elysburg

Over our 15-year history of constructing vinyl decks in Elysburg, we’ve encountered numerous dilapidated and hazardous decks. Unfortunately, some are beyond repair. The planks are distorted and decaying, the handrails are crumbling, and the structure of the deck itself is fractured and rotten. At this point, your deck is no longer a safe place for family gatherings. It’s essential to dismantle and replace your deck. If you’re considering an upgrade for your deck, get in touch for a quote today!

Vinyl, Aluminum, & Cable Deck railings Elysburg

If you’re drawn to the aesthetic of vinyl railings for your property in Elysburg, we have the top choices for you! These railings are UV-resistant, ensuring their color and sturdiness last through the years. Due to the properties of vinyl, these railings are fire-resistant, withstand various weather conditions, and are simple to keep up.

Aluminum deck railing, popular for its excellent design, is a fashionable option in Elysburg. Despite common misconceptions, it’s immune to rust and corrosion. This durable railing doesn’t warp and can handle severe weather with minimal upkeep. A yearly wash may be all that’s required to maintain its longevity.

Cable railing’s contemporary appeal makes it a top choice for homeowners in Elysburg. Crafted with marine-grade stainless steel and aluminum posts, this modern railing option offers durability and longevity. Opt for a range of aluminum balusters and choose between a vertical or horizontal cable infill layout for a personalized touch.

Deck BUilder Near Me

We are located in northern Dauphin County. We are proud to serve all of Dauphin, including Elysburg, Hummelstown, Hershey, Middletown, and the surrounding areas. Visit our project gallery to see our recent projects in the surrounding areas.

Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products specializes in wood composite and vinyl decks.

Not sure what you want? We will assist you with the design process and answer any questions you have! Submit a custom quote or contact us today!